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Puvi Cold Pressed Gingelly / Sesame Oil - 0.5 Litre

Rs. 310 Rs. 370

This sesame oil is our 'Signature Dish'! PUVI cold pressed sesame oil is less dense, not too pungent, smoother than others and while still being potent. It’s made from hand-picked special black seed varieties superior to those used in most brands.

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Traditionally prepared with no external heat, unrefined, natural nutrients and seed aroma delivered as nature intended. Significant colour variations across batches ranging from dark reddish brown to golden yellow brown (flavour and taste will not vary much), our sesame oil is made to be less bitter and less pungent so it will not have the very strong smell of inexpensive seed varieties.

  • Medium to low temperature cooking, South / North Indian cuisines, Asian cuisines with recipes needing sesame flavour, sautéing, garnishing, salad dressing, idly podi, dosa, will give mild bitterness and distinct aroma in food.
  • Not recommended for deep frying
  • Oil pulling, daily morning raw oil consumption
  • Fully body massage oil – heat the oil to skin bearable temperature, apply lavishly over entire body, soak for 15 minutes and bathe in hot water. At least once a week is recommended in Ayurveda. Good for dry and irritated skin, wrinkles, muscle and ligament elasticity, body pains
  • Daily skin moisturiser – apply a light layer after bath morning and night for dry skin. A few drops of essential oils like lavender, jasmine, tea tree makes it pleasantly aromatic for day time usage  
  • Child friendly and can be used as baby oil for moisturising. Try a test patch on the arm while using on infants
  • Can be used as a Lamp oil. Meditating or family time with only the lamp’s light is extremely beneficial for mental health. The purity of oil is important as the fumes can be noxious in adulterated oils. 

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