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Puvi Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - 0.5 Litre

Rs. 349 Rs. 385

PUVI Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is made using the most sophisticated process available and far superior to many other rivals. In this wet method of extraction, centrifugal force rather than heat is used to extract oil from pure Coconut Milk. 

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All the goodness of coconut is delivered into the oil. It’s a great choice for people new to coconut oil and prefer a milder aroma and more pleasant taste. This Virgin Coconut Oil is considered the mother’s milk among oils.

The oil will be clear and thin like water, with a fresh and obvious coconut aroma. White frozen specs of oil will float in cool temperatures and will solidify in cold temperatures.

  • Raw consumption in the morning, oil pulling
  • Cooking including deep frying, salad dressing, raw oil daily morning consumption, will leave strong coconut aroma in food, Keto diet
  • Daily use hair oil, skin moisturising oil, warm oil for massaging scalp and body, baby oil, make up remover
  • Preparing medicated oils, homemade soaps
  • Coconut has a cooling effect according to Ayurveda and consumption / body application is advised for those needing Pita pacifying (heat in the body)

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